(QHA) -

Crimea’s former deputy Premier Rustam Temirgaliev will present a project of logistic center in Moscow, to deliver Russian goods to Crimea via railway, Krym net reports.

The initiator of the project, president of Torgovlya Kryma (Trade of Crimea) Association Sergey Makeev has said.

“The association proposed the project of logistic center to Crimean authorities. Temirgaliev will discuss this question in Moscow soon”- Makeev noted.

He also noted that the logistic center will in a short time settle the issue of goods delivery from Russia.

“Kerch railway ferryboat is working on 30 % only. We should create united complex, that will include warehouses in Kuban [mainland Russia,-ed.] and Crimea. We count on Russian Railways to be the main investor of the project”- Makeev noted, adding that if the issue of delivery is settled, it will attract Russia’s big companies to Crimea.

Note: Russian vertically integrated company, both managing infrastructure and operating freight and passenger train services. In 2012 it became one of the three largest transport companies in the world.