Large gas field discovered in Georgia

Last year, Frontera Resources company signed an agreement with Ukrainian Naftogaz on supply of liquefied gas from Georgia.

4 February 2016 11:00

About 5.3 trl cubic meters of natural gas was discovered in South Kakheti (Georgia), Steve Nikandros, Head of the American Frontera Resources, states.

“These volumes will be sold on the market for 10 years and will change the playing field of the gas supply. The company plans to start exporting the fuel in the next five years. It is expected that Turkey and Eastern Europe will purchase it,” says the statement.

Frontera Resources estimated the field's reserves at 3.8 trl cubic meters in 2015.

Frontera Resources is an American oil and gas company engaged in exploration and production of hydrocarbons. It began its work in Georgia in April 2014.

Photo: Internet