Ukraine may resume purchasing gas from Russia, if its natural gas reserves get depleted due to cold weather, Bloomberg quotes  Andrey Kobolev, CEO of Naftogaz Ukraine, as saying.

 “Whenever we need gas we can ask sellers for quotations. It all depends on who offers a better price. At the moment, Russian gas is a lot more expensive. The price gap is huge,” said Kobolev.

Kobolev went on to say that if cold weather persists, Ukraine may face gas shortage and Naftogaz will have to buy gas from Russia.

“We do not expect that to happen in January,” said Kobolev.

According to Kobolev, there is no risk of Russian gas deliveries to Europe being disrupted. Ukraine can ensure stable transit of Russian gas to Europe.

“We have a sufficiently big underground storage facility which storage capacity is larger by 20%. Domestic demand has dropped while storage has increased. We are in a better situation now and see no risks from our side,” said Kobolev.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine purchased gas from Europe at a price which was 1 dollar less than the one charged by Russia.

In an earlier statement, Ukraine’s Minister for Energy and Coal Industry Vladimir Demchishin said Ukraine was willing to purchase gas from Russia in the first quarter of the next year at a price which is comparable with the European one. The current price Ukraine is purchasing gas at is less than USD 200 per one thousand cubic meters.