(QHA) -

It is necessary for Russians, Crimeans to stop supporting economy of the USA and to take on keeping savings in national currency, not US dollar. 

Crimean MP, economist Anatoly Zaichenko said to Krym Media agency.

"Could you tell me, what European will keep savings not in euro, but in some other currency?The pride for the national currency is the same part of patriotism as the relation to the national emblem, the flag, the anthem, the president of the country", the expert considered.

"It is time for citizens who keep dollars to think, whether it is time to stop investing in economy of the overseas state, after all for the American economy it is huge plus"- he noted.

In his opinion if Russia decides to forbid cash dollar cycling, and the ban will be supported by some other countries, it will bring to "serious consequences for the USA".

It should be noted, Russian ruble keeps on falling to record low against the US dollar and EU euro.