SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people and Deputy of Crimean Parliament Refat Chubarov urged deputies not to implement the ‘wishlist’ of some individuals through Crimean budget. To note, the Crimean budget for 2014 was adopted by the Crimean Parliament on January 22. “When we have hundreds of pressing problems in many spheres of our lives, why should we allocate 5 million UAH for promoting positive image of Crimea?” he said. Head of Mejlis gave an example of Beloye-5 settlement of Simferopolskiy region: “This is a settlement with no roads, no other communications at all and we have a lot of such settlements in Crimea. It is a shame in such situation to implement ‘wishlists’ of some individuals through the Crimean budget,” he added. Besides, Chubarov noted that Crimea has no pre-school institutions with Crimean Tatar language of education, but the relevant ministry ignores this issue.