September 5, 2015. The State Enterprise ‘Scientific & Research Fine Mechanics Plant’ has set production record: 35 automatic guns ZTM1 & ZTM2 per month, UkrOboronProm state concern reports.

The enterprise also manufactured 100 sets of ZIP component parts for ZTM2 gun, as well as 30 thousand units for automatic guns.

“A unique production of ZTM1 and ZTM2 guns has been renovated to achieve the maximum output for timely execution of the state order on production and uninterrupted supply of military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, none of armored personnel carriers (BTR) or infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) of any modification could be produced or repaired without component parts of the plant”, stressed Sergei Pinkas the First Deputy Director General of UkrOboronProm.

The enterprise set the production record in its history, which allowed recruiting new employees and settling salary arrears.

The produced equipment is immediately delivered to the customers, the manufacturers of armored vehicles.