According to Vladimir Demchishin, Ukraine’s Energy Minister, the country is ready to face the winter, with its current gas and electricity consumption being less than the last year’s.

“We have ensured uninterrupted supply of fuel necessary to generate heat during the winter. 55% of the electricity we generate at the moment comes from nuclear power plants. Coal reserves at Sumy and Cherkassy power generating plants exceed those we had in 2014 by 260 thousand tons.

Unfortunately, our coal mines are still being underfunded, which is why they may soon be shut down,” said the Minister.

He also complained about the dire economic situation preventing production facilities from being upgraded.

“If necessary, Donbassenergo and Tsentrenergo will restock their coal supplies by purchasing coal from Russia. As of today, Ukraine has enough coal and gas to safely get the heating season underway,” said Demchishin.

Given the upcoming blockade of Crimea, residents of Crimea are concerned about possible power outages. When contacted for comments by the QHA, a spokesperson for the Energy Ministry had this to say about possible power cuts: “As of today, no interruption of power supply is scheduled”.

The spokesperson backed up his claim by citing an agreement on the ‘Crimea’ free economic zone signed by Ukraine and Russia.

The Ministry is abiding by the plan approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, and if there is a need and authorization, they will pull the plug on Crimea.