The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has recommended to use ove the Black Sea two air routes earlier proposed by Ukraine as a part of the measures aimed to resume the air flights in the area, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Thus, the Ukrainian provider of air navigation services confirmed readiness to ensure the appropriate level of air safety in the international airspace with responsibility being laid upon Ukraine.

According to the official Safety Information Bulletin published by the EASA, two routes - L851 and M856 - passing through the airspace over the western part of the Black Sea, are suitable for flight planning by all airlines.

This conclusion is based on the post-implementation monitoring data by the Ukraeroruh saying the measures taken to minimize the potential risks are effective since during the monitoring not a single case, which could jeopardize the flight safety, have been recorded.

Using the EASA recommended routes over the Black Sea, the airlines will reduce their expenses and relieve air traffic with neighboring countries.

But it should be noted that the EASA statement concerns exclusively the routes over the Black Sea, and does not involve the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The airspace over the ARC territorial waters remains closed for aircraft operations.

Photo: Internet