Belgian economy lost EUR 4 billion in damages as a result of the yesterday’s terror attacks at Brussels’ airport, said INH bank group’s chief economist Peter Van Den Huut in an interview with Belgian publication HLN.BE.

According to Peter Van Den Huut, the bulk of the losses are to do with the fact that a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and stores have been closed since yesterday. Increased security spending has also contributed to the losses the country suffered due to the terror attacks.  

“Besides, the shutting down of the airport will cost EUR 10 million in daily damages, and that excluding damages suffered due to Brussels’ public transport system being on lockdown,” Huut emphasized.

Two explosions were reported to have occurred at Brussels’ Zaventem airport at 8 a.m. local time on March 22.

Two more explosions were reported at two subway stations, not far from a neighborhood where emigrants reside.

The Belgian government has officially recognized the attacks, which left 34 people killed and 200 injured, acts of terrorism.

It was reported earlier that Belgian police identified terrorists responsible for a terror attack at Brussels airport as Khalim and Ibrahim el Bakraui brothers, both Belgian nationals. Later on, Brussels police identified a third terrorist as Najim Laachraoui, 25. The man has been on the Belgian police’s most wanted list since as early as March 21.