Crimea residents who failed to pay off their credits to Ukrainian banks will not be given credits in banks of Russia.

Vice president of Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) Ruslan Arefiev announced this at the press conference in Simferopol June 10.

“The majority of Crimean companies that have credits in Ukrainian banks apply to us [RNCB,-ed.] for refinancing, amid suspending their work with Ukrainian banks and wish to work with Russian banks”- Arefiev said.

“Still, there are some borrowers who do not pay their credits to Ukrainian banks, amid the currents situation. This question is very serious and it has negative impact on credit history, even if this history is Ukrainian one. If such companies apply for credit we will refuse them”- he said. 

Following the peninsula’s annexation, the majority of Ukrainian banks stopped their operation in Crimea, shutting the Crimean branches. Before the annexation, there were 77 Ukrainian banks in the region, among them Ukraine’s biggest Privatbank, Ukrainian Joint Stock Bank, Imexbank, Kievan Rus Bank and the others