Simferopol (QHA) - Crimean Prime Minister Anatoliy Mohyliov has said that the Crimean leadership is considering the possibility of building a large hub port in Crimea, which could accept large vessels and container ships, and is currently in talks with various investors, reports Interfax. "Crimea needs a large hub port - a port that would accept big ships and unload containers to be sent to smaller ports. Crimea's geopolitical location is suitable for this," he said in an interview with reporters in Simferopol. However, he noted that the issue of where exactly this port could be located is being considered. In particular, the issue of its construction on Donuzlav Lake is being mulled. It could also be built on the lake near Frunze village in Saki district, or near Kerch, where there is a suitable bay. "Now we are in talks with investors. Our delegation traveled, particularly to China, where Chinese investors had the possibility of creating such a large port. They are interested in this too," the official said.