(QHA) -

Inflation in Crimea, which seceded from Ukraine and unified with Russia in March reached 42.5 percent last year, according to Crimean State Statistics Service.

The total is almost four times higher than the rate at which consumer prices rose in Russia as a whole, where inflation spiked to 11.4 percent, its highest level since 2008, The Moscow Times says.

The huge rise in inflation under Moscow rule compares to deflation of 0.5 percent in Crimea in 2013, according to the Crimean State Statistics Service.

Food prices in Crimea have raised 52.9 percent over the course of the year, as the only mean to connect the peninsula with the mainland Russia is Kerch ferry, which regulary suspends its work over the weather conditions.

The cost of services in Crimea has climbed 27 percent through 2014, according to official data.