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The Krimsky Titan and Krimsky Sodoviy factories, which are situated in the northern part of Crimea, may soon be shut down after the Ukrainian government's move to cut the water flowing through the North Crimea Canal, which supplies 80 percent for the peninsula's water.

Edip Gafarov, a member of the general committee of the Crimean national council said, RIA Novosti reported.

"The director of the plant told us that he had a supply of water for nearly 30 to 35 days, after which both plants may stop working if we do not restart supplying water via the North Crimea Canal," Gafarov said.

The Krimsky Titan plant is one of the main producers of titanium dioxide in Eastern Europe. It also produces mineral fertilizers, vitriolic acid, copperas and other chemical substances. The Krimsky Sodoviy factory is a major enterprise in the market of soda carbonate and before the annexation of Crimea was the only soda carbonate producer in Ukraine.

Both plants belong to the Group DF company, which is owned by the Ukrainian billionaire Dmytro Firtash.