Crimea is ready to develop cooperation and implement joint projects in various fields with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said Crimean Prime Minister Anatoliy Mohyliov at the meeting with representatives of the IFC and the EBRD, the press service of the Crimean Council of Ministers reported, according to Interfax.

Mohyliov said that Crimea is ready to offer financial institutions large-scale and local projects on the modernization of water supply and sewerage systems, farming sector development and the development of transport infrastructure.

"At present, Crimea is one of the most stable regions in Ukraine with great investment potential. Economic development requires financial investment, therefore the Crimean government guarantees investors the maximum assistance. We give the green light to investors who are willing to work for the revival of Crimea,"- he said.

In turn, IFC Country Director for Ukraine Olena Voloshyna said the IFC in Ukraine is willing to cooperate with Crimea.

"We are interested in the modernization of the water supply and sewerage systems, as well as the cooperation in agriculture, in particular, the restoration of the irrigation network of Crimea," she said.

EBRD bank representative, Head of Energy and Infrastructure Sector in Ukraine Mark Magaletsky added that the EBRD also appreciates the investment potential of Crimea.