Although the lightening in the central part of the ciy of Sevastopol was restored at 3 a.m. Nov 22, the trolley busses had to be towed from the streets. The work of electric transport has been halted, the locals told the QHA (Crimean News Agency).

According to Sevastopol citizens, street lighting in the city center has been restored. Probably, in order to show that "we are fine," but in fact "everything is very bad," wrote the residents.

According to the Sevastopol media, as of Nov 23 the city kindergartens have stopped operating with schools still being under the question.

From different parts of the city the residents report on heating and water supply cut.

In Yalta, as of 01.30 a.m. the works on power supply restoration started. A citizen, residing at Krasnoarmeyskaya St., told the QHA the light in their house was turned on after 2.30 a.m. Kyiv time, but during the night periodical power cutoffs still had place. He also told the heating has been cut, but water still supplied.

Wired internet (only mobile) and cable TV also don’t work in Yalta.

- Cable TV is not working. I am waiting for zombies to go out to the streets for news, ironically said Ukrainian patriot living under Russian occupation.

As for gas stations in Yalta, there are huge queues of dozens of cars.

Since the power is not supplied to the city of Kerch at all, now the city uses only electrical generators, but their power is clearly not enough, according to the local media.

In general, 1.8 million customers have remained without power in Crimea, therefore it was decided to limit the electricity flow. For example, a guaranteed supply in the city of Sevastopol is three hours for each area in turn.

Nov 20 around 4.30 a.m. the "Ukrenergo" received information on emergency disconnection of power lines Melitopol - Dzhankoy and Kakhovka - Titan. As a result, the supply of electricity to the Russia-occupied Crimea has been significantly reduced.

Nov 21 transmission power lines have been blown up that led to a complete shutdown of the peninsula from the Ukrainian electric power station.

After the members of the Crimean civil blockade prevented the attempts to restore the transmission lines, the National guard and the soldiers with the “Kherson” battalion, headed by Olya Kiva, were despatched to the venue in order to raise the blockade of the damaged transmission lines. However, activists put up resistance to the law enforcement officers that led to clashes. Still the activists managed to hold blockade.

With regard to this incident, evening  Nov 21 an emergency meeting was held between the leaders of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, Refat Chubarov and Petro Poroshenko at the Presidential Administration. The President assured the power supply to Crimea will not be resumed, and repairs works will be done solely to protect the local population and the blockade participants.

Vasily Vishnevetskii.