Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski has ordered to suspend all activities related to the South Stream gas pipeline project until Bulgaria reaches agreement with the EU on it, Sofia News Agency reported.

Oresharski, as cited by Darik radio, announced the step in a Sunday interview after a meeting with three US senators visiting Bulgaria – John McCain, Chris Murphy, and Ron Johnson.

Bulgaria's Prime Minister explained that he had told the US Senators that Bulgaria would only proceed with the South Stream gas pipeline after achieving compliance with the recommendations of the EU and specifying clear implementation terms.

Earlier Ukrainian government called upon the European Union to block the construction of a joint with Russia gas pipeline South Stream.

"We believe that South Stream is a project aimed to increase Europe's energy dependence, remove Ukraine from a common energy policy with the EU, strengthen the position of the Russian Gazprom in Europe. Therefore, we call on the European Union to block South Stream," – Ukrainian Premier said.

The South Stream pipeline was designed to carry Russian gas to the EU bypassing Ukraine.

Gas will be pumped to the Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Varna before extending overland through Serbia, Hungary, and Slovenia to supply gas to the Western Europe via Italy and Austria.