AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich who ranked third at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 has been given the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea" according to the decision of the Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea, the department for information policy of the ARC Council of Ministers informed.
Crimean Premier Anatolii Mohyliov congratulated Ognevich in Aqmescit on Monday on her successful performance in the contest and presented the merit badge "Honored Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea," a souvenir and flowers to her.
"The whole of Crimea rejoices at your success. You worthily represented Ukraine and Crimea in this prestigious competition. In my opinion, you were the strongest performer on the Eurovision stage," Mohyliov said.
Zlata Ognevich (real name: Inna Bordiuh) who was born in Russian Murmansk and grew up in the Crimean town of Suvdağ/Sudak, represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö (Sweden) with the song "Gravity." Ognevich scored 214 points and took third place in the competition. Danish singer Emmelie de Forest won the contest, and Farid Mammadov of Azerbaijan took second place.