The world’s only historical and ethnographic museum of Krymchaks marked its 10th anniversary on June 26 in Simferopol.

According to director of the museum Yuriy Laptev, the first effort to create the museum was made in the sixties, still “the policy of then government was intended to ignorance of Krymchaks”.

One-roomed museum was opened in June 2004. Nowadays museum includes tree exposition halls, among them hall “history of Krymachaks and tragedy of 1941-1945”; picture gallery and hall dedicated to Kymchak culture, religion and handicraft.

Creation of the museum was initiated by Krymchakhlar unity, honored worker of culture of Ukraine and Crimea Yuriy Purim and researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Ph.D., historian Ihor Achkinazi.

In March 2009 Ministry of Culture of Crimea gave the museum of Krymchaks honorable rank of “People’s museum”.

Krymchaks are an ethno-religious community of Crimea derived from Turkic-speaking adherents of Rabbinic Judaism. They have historically lived in close proximity to the Crimean Karaites.

Crimean Parliament approved the decision to appeal to Russian Parliament to add Krymchaks and Crimean Karaites to the list of small indigenous peoples of Crimea.