BAKCHISARAY (QHA) - By September 30 this year the Ministry of Culture of Crimea is to reapply to UNESCO as for inclusion of Bakchisaray Khan’s Palace into its World Heritage List. The director of Bakchisaray Historic and Cultural Reserve Valeriy Naumenko told about it in his interview to QHA news agency. “Previously, UNESCO experts had some comments on which we have worked, and now, we are ready to re-submit the dossier”, - said Naumenko. Still, there are some problems. As it became clear some of the objects surrounding the Khan’s Palace, in particular, Chufut-kale and Zindzhirli Madrasa haven’t got state certificates yet. “There is no general plan of the town of Bakchisaray, that is the reason we haven’t got the certificates”, - Naumenko said. As reported earlier in May 2013 a dossier to include Bakchisaray Khan’s Palace into UNESCO World Heritage List was prepared, but due to absence of state certificates of some surrounding objects and lack of financing, the dossier was not accepted. Note: The Khan’s Palace or Hansaray was built in the 16th century to be the residence of Crimean Khans. It reflects the traditional 16th-century Crimean Tatar style. It is one of the Muslim palaces found in Europe and the only example of Crimean Tatar architecture in the world.