The exhibition "Wedding dress Masterpieces of XIX - beg. XX century" has opened in the Ukrainian capital. The exhibition presents wedding and gala dresses for women and children, accessories, hats and shoes, according to QHA correspondent.

The exhibition features 30 dresses collected by Maria Ivanova. As told the collector, 15 of the dresses have never been exhibited before.
All dresses are weaving work masterpieces. Not every woman could afford wearing these expensive clothes. Corals, pearls, lace, rich fabrics, fine weaving work and only 7-8% of the population had such clothing.

The exhibition shoes as well. By the way, collector said, that in those days there was no difference between the right and left shoes and they were sewed the same.

The items belong to the collection "Fashion History Museum of Maria Ivanova." According to the owner, the museum has no permanent place, so the exhibition travels across Ukraine and beyond. The collection has already had 16 exhibitions.

“I have 150 items like dresses, hats, shoes that have already been restored. There are 30 items that are being restored. We have a pretty big and serious collection,” told Maria Ivanova to QHA.

She has been collecting dresses for 30 years. Maria continued her grandmother’s collection who had just not thrown away her mother’s clothes.

Maria Ivanova shared her feelings on the exhibition:

“I have worked for 30 years to make such a great holiday. This show for me is the same like Christmas or birthday. Of course, it is very pleasant and significant to exhibit this collection. But it is a great piece of work as well.

The exhibition is open until 15 December at the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve.