Marked to commemorate the Defender’s Day, the exhibition, called ‘Power of the Undefeated’, will be launched in Kiev’s Mikhailovskaya Square on October 14.

“The newest Ukrainian military hardware, including the Oplot and Bulat tanks, BTR-4E APC, Dozor and Spartan APCs, as well as Kremenchug-produced military trucks, will be on display at the exhibition,” reads a statement issued by the Ukrainian President’s press service.

The exhibition will also feature latest Ukrainian-produced small arms, thermal sights, mine-clearing equipment and uniform. US- and UK-produced military hardware and equipment, such as a Hummer truck, a quad bike, radios, mine-clearing equipment and even an antimine robot, will also be displayed at the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition will also get to see detection dogs used by the Border Patrol.

Scheduled to run from October 14 through October 18, the ‘Power of the Undefeated’ exhibition will be free and open to the public from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.