(QHA) -

A wax museum has opened in Bakhchisaray, as a part of Crimean Historical La Richesse museum.

There are wax figures of Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Gasprinsky and Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim in the museum, with the masters working on the figures of Crimean Mengli Geray and Russia poet Aleksandr Pushkin, sponsor of the project Osman Nuri Yazydzhy informed.

“The wax figures will be presented gradually, as soon as they are made. Every figure costs $ 15,000. Many wax figures are being made, with the masters working on the figures’ appearance and cloths”- director of La Richesse Guliver Altin said.

According to Altin, the figure of Gasprinsky will be presented in La Richesse museum at the opening of scientific center of Tatarstan Academy of Science. Moreover, copies of Gasprinsky’s document, which are stored in the archives of Kazan will also be presented.