ESKI QIRIM/ STARYİ KRYM - During the archeological excavations in Eski Qrım a valuable revelation was made. Archeologists have found remainders of eastern wall of ancient town Solhat (ital. Solcati) used to be the part of town fortress in XIII-XV centuries.  

It is known that the remainders of southern wall were found earlier, in the beginning of the last century. 

It should be recalled that ancient town being Crimean province of the Golden Horde had two names at the same time: Turkic-speaking inhabitants named it Qırım (my hill), while Italian traders usually called it Solcati (Italian: solcata - furrow, ditch).

Striking archeological find was made on Nogaylı Oğlu Oba Hill. Archeologists tried to find the extension
many times
but they failed. Fortunately they succeeded in finding the rest of the fortress this summer. There is no any prediction till now, but it is obvious this find will help in determining real dimension of ancient town.