Ukrainian Fashion Week: ATO vets make catwalk debut (VIDEO)

Before going on a fashion catwalk a paratrooper trained hard for a week.

23 March 2016 10:00

Yuri Veselskiy and Viktor Kardash, ATO veterans, took part at the 38th Ukrainian Fashion Week.

After a week of training, Yuri Veselskiy, a paratrooper who lost his leg in Donbas, made his catwalk debut in the framework of the Ukrainian designer Sofia Russinovich’s show (ROUSIN), HB reports.

“My former commander convinced me. I have a great deal of respect for him, and I agreed,” Veselskiy said in his interview with reporters.

Viktor Kardash, a marine, participated in the Ukrainian Battle of Tailors show as a model, where he was given, as a gift, a unique suit tailored to him.
He's going to wear it on his wedding day next summer.

“However, I would wear it every week,” Viktor noted. 

Photo: Internet