LONDON (QHA) - A spectacular three-day festival of Ukrainian art, fashion and music to be held in London, UK, offering Londoners the chance to experience the best of Ukraine’s rich heritage and vibrant contemporary culture. Days of Ukraine in the UK to take place from 17 October to 19 October in some of London’s most famous locations including the London Library, the Saatchi Gallery and Potters Field Park, reports London Evening Standard. As reported, the program of events is organized by the Firtash Foundation – with the support of Group DF – an international group of companies based in Ukraine. The program includes literature evening in the London Library, with readings of classics and modern Ukrainian poetry and an exhibition of Ukrainian art and a fashion show of leading Ukrainian designers. The three days culminate on 19 October at Potters Field Park where traditional arts and crafts, food and music will be presented in a stylized Ukrainian village.