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The national art gallery “Hazine” in Kazan opened an exhibition “Art of Crimean Tatars”, reports The elite of Tatarstan.

The exhibition comprises three sections. The first one exhibits more than 100 works of arts and crafts and unique photographs of XIX century from the collection of Nizami Ibragimov; the second section shows paintings of Ivan Shishkin, Konstantin Bogayevskiy and other artists, depicting the uniqueness of nature of the Crimean peninsula.

The third section presents contemporary art of Crimea: jewelry, embroidery, weaving, pottery, reconstruction of the national costume of Crimean Tatars. Paintings and photographs, telling the tragic story of the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 from Crimea are also presented.

The organizers of the exhibition are the State museum of fine arts and the Ministry of culture of the republic of Tatarstan. A significant input in shaping the exhibition was made by Moscow collector Nizami Ibragimov and Fund for support of scientific and cultural programs named after Marjani.

The exhibition will run for one month.