Kazan (QHA) - ‘Haytarma’- the first Crimean Tatar full-length movie about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 was presented at the IX International movie festival of Muslim films in Kazan, Russia, out-of-competition. The presentation was a great success. Upon the end, the audience applauded standing for half an hour. Vice editor of Kazan newspaper ‘Beznen gejit’ Elvira Fatiyhova shared her emotions with her Crimean college, head editor of Crimean Tatar programs on Crimea State TV Chanel Shevket Ganiyev, who in turn shared it on his Facebook page. “Hello, Shevket! Today in the framework of the festival they showed “Haytarma”. Honestly, not many people showed up for other movies, but for this one there were so many people, that the festival management had to organize two simultaneous shows in two halls. People were sitting even on the stairs. After the movie, people were standing for half an hour applauding. We all cried feeling the pain and bitterness of the deported Crimean Tatars. We, the Tatars of Tatarstan remember your history and admire your courage and strength! I am ashamed to say that we do not have such a strong spirit as you do. We don’t have such movies, even though we have a lot to tell about….Our spirit is much weaker than yours! We do not go out on the streets when they close our Tatar schools and quit faculty of Tatar philology at the university. We don’t have a Tatar TV and Tatar kindergartens. …. Your film “Haytarma” is saying what we don’t say out loud, because if we say, it will be considered an incitement of inter-ethnic conflict. Those people, who came to watch the movie, and who applauded standing, deep inside them have the desire to get out of universal inculcation of Russian way of life and culture… because we have our own! I thank the Crimean Tatars for this movie! Thank you on behalf of all Tatars of Tatarstan!!” As reported earlier, ‘Haytarma’ was presented at the IX Kazan International Muslim Film Festival out-of-competition. Note: Kazan International Muslim Film Festival is held in the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan since 2005. The first festival was initiated by the Council of Muftis of Russia, Federal agency for culture and cinematography of Russia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan with the support of the president of the Republic. The aim of the festival is the popularization of spiritual and moral values and cultural traditions, supporting the idea of peace, tolerance and humanity regardless of religion, formation of the objective views of the world and Russian community about Muslims and Islam.