The Crimean authorities intend to set up a monument to Empress Catherine II in Simferopol. Vladimir Bobkov, head of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea for Education, Science, Youth Policy and Sports, speaking at the meeting of the Council Committee said that the total budget of the project amounts to RUB 31 million.

“The conception of the monument has been completely agreed and the order placed,” said Bobkov. “As of today, the funds have already been collected to erect the monument and arrange the territory nearby.” Bobkov called upon Crimeans to continue transferring money for the project. 

The discussions on setting up the monument to Catherine II were held back in 2008, but at that time the authorities in Crimea decided instead to put up a monument to Hetman Sagaidachnyi.

During the occupation, the issue was raised by ‘Russian Unity’ public organization headed by Elena Aksenova, wife of the current ‘head’ of Crimea. According to her, about RUB 40 million have already been collected for the monument to the Russian Empress.