Sofia Andrukhovych, a writer, translator and publicist, was awarded the prestigious Joseph Conrad Literary Award, reads a statement published on the Polish Institute’s website.

The Joseph Conrad Literary Award was founded in 2007 by the Polish Institute in Kyiv and is presented every two years to a Ukrainian author not older than 40 for ‘consistency in realization of creative career, innovative forms, breaking stereotypes, and message universalism.’

Prior to that, the prestigious Joseph Conrad Literary Award was presented to Taras Prokhasko (2007), Serhiy Zhadan (2009), Natalya Snyadanko (2011) and Tanya Malyarchuk (2013).

Sofia Andrukhovych, a daughter of the legendary writer Yuri Andrukhovych, was born in 1982 in Kyiv. She graduated from the Lviv National University with a degree in Ukrainian philology. She is the author of such popular books as Milena’s Summer (2002), Old People (2003), Women of Men (2005), Salmon (2007) and Felix Austira (2014).