Russian singer Irina Dubtsova, who arrived in the annexed Crimea to give concerts, had to perform free of charge because the organizers of the event disappeared with the money and did not get in touch. This is the singer told the auditorium of the Crimean State Academic Theater before her performance.

She said that the organizers of her concerts in Simferopol and Sevastopol "disappeared 2.5 hours before the concert."

“We have not been paid off. We do not know what happened to the money for your tickets,” Dubtsova complained to audience.

The singer went on to say that such a situation is unprecedented for her.

“We have never had to face this. The company, which invited us, is called "Interkontsert" - Let everyone know this. All phones are switched off. We have no water, no tea, no napkins – nothing,” she complained.

Today, May 24, Dubtsova is to give a concert in Sevastopol, which is organized by the same "Interkontsert."

Photo: Internet