Sevil Memetova, a singer of the Crimean Tatar descent, is participating in the popular Rising Star Turkish song contest. Having won the hearts of the audience in the first round with her incredible talent, she progressed to the second round of the competition.

On the evening of September 5, TV8 broadcasted the second round of the show. The Crimean Tatar singer performed one of the most famous songs in the world My Heart Will Go On of the singer Celine Dion. Sevil Memetova, once again won the hearts of the jury and audience due to her unforgettable voice and immense talent. So, Sevil Memetova reached the third round of Rising Star show. She also thanked on Facebook everyone who supported her during the performance, and throughout the show.

Rising Star is a project of a new interactive format, which has been held in the Turkish Republic for several years. The idea is that as long as the contestant performs the song on stage, he or she does not see the jury, being shielded from them by a wall.

In the first round, Sevil Memetova performed the famous song I Have Nothing of the American singer Whitney Houston and won 87% of votes, automatically passing to the second round of Rising Star song contest.

Earlier Memetova won many vocal competitions in Crimea and on mainland Ukraine participating in The Voice of Kraina (Ukraine) show in 2011.

In 2015, the Crimean Tatar singer won "Kapyshma” (Kapışma) vocal competition in Turkey. Back then18 contestants competed for a prize of 20 thousand Turkish liras (about 7.5 thousand dollars), but Memetova honestly won the competition by SMS voting. 
Photo: Internet