İSTANBUL (QHA) - TV series are going to be shot according to the novel of the famous Turkish writer who is Crimean Tatar originally. The story of Nermin Bezmen’s grandfather Qurtseit – the officer of Crimean cavalry regiment of the Tsarist army.
The leading roles in serial that will be broadcasted on the Star TV channel would be played by Kıvanç Tatlıtug and Farah Zeynep Abdullah. Famous actor K.Tatlıtug will play Qurtseit for 250.000 hryvnias (60.000 Turkish Liras) for each episode of the serial. F.Z.Abdullah who played the role of Aylin in very popular Turkish TV series in Crimea ‘Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki’ will play Şura’s role. The 'Qurtseit and Şura' novel descibes the period between the Tsarist Russia and the October Coup, when many Crimean Tatars escaped to Istanbul.
Qurtseit is wealthy and titled son of Mirza Eminov. He was a handsome, ambitious and brave. He was sentenced to death by the Bolsheviks, because of he is lieutenant in guards regiment of the Tsar Nikolay. That is why he escaped to Turkey. When he started his life from the scratch, he had just pride and love.
Şura: 16-year-old Şura appeared in Qurtseit's life very suddenly. Neither the title nor wealth of her family did not help her to stay on the motherland. Longing for home and family Qurtseit and Şura tried to calm through their love.