Simferopol (QHA) - The famous Turkish actress Aydan Sener, who played Ferideh in the cult series Çalıkuşu (“Goldcrest is a singing bird”) dreams of playing a comedian role on TV, but had not received such offers. She said this during the press conference in Simferopol. “I would like to play in a comedy or a sitcom. For two years I played in a comedy in the theatre, but have not received offers for the role in TV comedy series”, said the actress. Aydan Sener believes that a good actor should not stay under the influence of a certain character. He/she should be able to play a wide range of various characters. As for her role in the Çalıkuşu series, which made her famous worldwide, the actress says- “The role of Ferideh was very important for me. I was 21 when I played this role. It made me famous”. Aydan Sener also noted similarities between her character and the character of Ferideh. “We have a lot in common. Like Ferideh, I am too, very proud and an idealist by nature. Besides, we both are very sensual and romantic”, shares the actress. As reported earlier, the well-known Turkish actress Aydan Sener arrived in Crimea at the invitation of the first Crimean Tatar channel ATR. The actress visited local attractions, acquainted with the culture and traditions of Crimean Tatars and featured in several TV projects of ATR channel. The actress was also a member of the Crimean delegation to Kazan to present the first Crimean Tatar movie “Haytarma” at IX International Festival of Muslim Film in Kazan. The actress stayed very impressed with “Haytarma” movie. Sener has repeatedly traveled to Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, but this is her first time in Ukraine.