Evpatoria (QHA) -

In the framework of campaign against xenophobia and discrimination in Ukraine, Evpatoria city will host an International festival of ethnic and jazz music “ART of TOLERANCE” on August 13-14.

The festival is held with the support of SIDA agency of Sweden and MATRA program of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine.

Festival participants will represent such countries as Hungary, Poland, Israel, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

The festival will be held at Egiya Kapay synagogue in Evpatoria.

“In the future, we intend to work with all confessions. This project would benefit from being held at different temples and cities”, said in an interview to QHA festival organizer Boris Zaharov.

According to Zaharov, funds raised from the festival will go for the rennovation of Egiya Kapay synagogue.

“Our performers are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists… With our multi-cultural project we would like to show the need to live in peace and friendship in this world, that everyone should have equal rights,” says Zaharov.

Campaign against xenophobia and discrimination in Ukraine “ART of TOLERANCE” is a joint project of Kharkiv Human Rights Group, Humanitarian studio “Hvilya”, independent cultural center “Indie” and other public organizations.

In the framework of the project, work is carried out in three areas: monitoring and analysis of the situation in the country in this area, legal aid to victims of hate crimes, and education by organizing music festivals and public debates on human rights issues.