The anniversary concert of Qırım Crimean Tatar folk ensemble dedicated to its 25th anniversary was held on December 20, 2015 at the State Academic Musical Theater of the Republic of Crimea in Simferopol.

The concert gathered a full house and the artists have pleased the audience both old and new numbers.

 “The anniversary concert is a kind of report, not just over the last year, but a report of all our creative achievements and professional growth for 25 years,” Server Kakura, Artistic Director of the ensemble and Merited Artist of Ukraine and the Republic of Tatarstan, told in his interview with a QHA correspondent. “The history of the ensemble is known to all. It was established as an independent team in 1990.  In 1996, it became subordinate to the Ministry of Culture, and was granted the status of the state ensemble. This year it has been attributed to the Crimean State Philharmonic.”

As part of the concert, along with the anniversary of the ensemble, the anniversaries of well-known Merited Artists of Crimea: Dilyaver Osmanov, vocalist, and Nazire Emir, choreographer, were celebrated.

“Singers congratulated Dilyaver Osmanov, and dancers sent their greetings to choreographer Nazira Emir. This combination we called ‘three in one’, as we celebrated three anniversaries at a time.

There sounded the old songs in unexpected interpretation, such as the legendary ‘Nogay beitleri’ by Osmanov Dilyaver.

"Our main task is to revive, preserve and promote the Crimean Tatar art worldwide. The guests were able to see, understand and feel the soul and energy of Crimean Tatars through artists’ performance. We are committed to this. We would like a spectator, not a Crimean Tatar native, to realize that it is a unique culture, with its own language and traditions,” said the Director. 

Just a reminder: The anniversary concert of Qırım ensemble was to be held on November 25, but it was canceled due to lack of electricity.

Reference: Qırım Crimean Tatar folklore ensemble was created in 1990 in Simferopol. Artistic Director: Server Kakura, Merited Artist of Ukraine and the Republic of Tatarstan. The objective of the ensemble is to revive, develop, preserve and promote the Crimean Tatar music, vocal and choreographic art, and its task – to cultivate high moral values in the younger generation. It has a staff of 50 people (36 artists).

Photo: Facebook / Zerika Photos