Crimean Orthodox Christians are trying to convey their faith literally to "every corner of the Earth." Thus, May 27 divers and a group of Orthodox church leaders near Fiolent Cape submerged and installed a cross on a concrete pedestal. Before diving, they have consecrated the cross in the St. Vladimir Chersonesos Cathedral.


The press service of the Sevastopol deanery of the Russian Orthodox Church claimed it to be the world's first under water temple named after St. Nicholas who is believed to be the patron saint of sailors.

Cool Beavers local diving club with the support of Putin's biker club "Night Wolves" have made the cross for the temple 3 meters high and weighing 500 kg. 20 bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church have huddled up to consecrate it. After, the cross was taken to the Fiolent Cape and submerged at a depth of 20m. Before the cross installation, the divers have set up 3-ton concrete pedestal at the sea bottom.



The main initiator of the construction was the priest-diver for the Russian Orthodox Church. According to him, the future underwater temple will be as a usual church: sacred images, icons, bas-reliefs. It’s also planned to install concrete table and candlesticks. And all this will be at the sea bottom.

The initiators cannot yet flesh out the exact date of the construction works referring to "multiple factors". According to them, the temple would be built "for anyone who wants to pray to God quietly." And all this is at the sea bottom.