Photographer of the Crimean Tatar origin Emine Ziyatdinova will visit Crimea in the framework of a photo project, dedicated to arts and crafts of the Crimean Tatars, especially for National Geographic Ukraine. A graduate of the Faculty of Sociology of Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko (Ukraine), as well as the Faculty of Photojournalism at Ohio University (USA), Emine will visit her homeland to create a new photo project commissioned by National Geographic Ukraine. In the framework of the project Emine will show such arts and crafts as pottery, jewelry etc. Emine has already arranged for filming and will arrive in Crimea next week. Emine herself comes from a Crimean village of Serebryanka of Razdolnenksiy district of Crimea. She graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of Lviv National University and received her Master’s degree in photojournalism at Ohio University. Upon completion of her Master’s program, Emine had an internship at Magnum Foundation in New York. Her works have been published in such well-known American media sources as CNN, New York Times and Daily Mail. Many of her projects she created specifically for National Geographic Ukraine.