According to Jamala, her father and grandfather wholeheartedly support her and she is ready to tell everybody about Ukraine’s history at the Eurovision song contest.

“My dad was really happy and crying for joy. He went to my grandfather Ayar who is 87 now, and told him that I wrote a song which helped me to make it to the semi-finals and finals… I even asked him not to tell the grandfather what the song was about, because I didn’t want to disturb him unnecessarily. But I know for sure that he is happy! I know that they support me wholeheartedly because this is our history.

I realized what I was getting into, because I was telling our family’s story. I was baring my soul so badly that it even too much for the Eurovision, sorry. But I am ready for it, I am ready to face this challenge,” said Jamala.

It was reported ealier that Russian chauvinists got scared that Jamala might win at the Eurovision song contest.