A movie about life of Crimean Tatars during Second World War, based on the novel of Cengiz Dagci “Dreadful years” will be filmed in Turkey. An introductory meeting of the movie crew took place in Istanbul. Filming will be sponsored by the agency “Eskisehir 2013- the cultural capital of the Turkic world”. At the introductory meeting, besides the movie crew, there were head of the Society of culture and mutual assistance of Crimean Tatars in Eskisehir Mesut Or, member of the board of directors of Dernek in Eskisehir Okan Gökdemir and head of supervisory board of Dernek Cahit Koca. Filming will begin in January 2014 in Afyonkarahisar (Turkey) and will continue in the mountains Bolu Aladag. The movie will be a production of TFT Company. The premier is planned to be held in Eskisehir, where a large number of Crimean Tatars resides. In his novel, based on real events, Cengiz Dagci tells about terrible war years and ordeals that befell the Crimean Tatar people during the war through the tragic fate of a Crimean Tatar Sadiq Turan. Note: Cengiz Dagcı (1919 –2011) was a Crimean Tatar novelist and poet. He was born in Gursuf, Crimea in 1919. He was taken hostage by Germans during World War II and survived Nazi labor camps. In 1946, Dagcı settled in London where he lived until his death. Cengiz Dagcı died on September 22, 2011 in his home. Dagci wrote 26 prose works, most of which are written in the novel genre. Among his most famous works are: “Korkunc Yillar” (Dreadful years), “Yurdunu Kaybeden Adam” (A man, who lost motherland), “Anneme Mektuplar” (Letters to mother) and others. Besides, he wrote poems in his native Crimean Tatar language.