ESKİ QIRIM/STARYI KRYM (QHA) - A foundation stone was installed on the place of the future monument for the founder of the Crimean Khanate Haci Geray Khan in Eski Qırım on May 31 by initiative of the manager of the Alemtab Crimean Tatar cultural and ethnographic centre İlmi İlâs.
As Mr. İlmi İlâs noted, a decision to erect a monument was adopted by the town council as far back as 2001. But a lack of funds did not allow to realize his intention.
After two years a spall of the Ağarmış Mountain was installed on the place of the future monument.
“We applied to the town council again in ten years and received its permission for the second time. As of today, we beautified the future monument’s territory and immortalized the name of the Geray Dynasty – Haci Geray Khan”, - the manager of the Alemtab Crimean Tatar cultural and ethnographic centre told.
“Eski Qırım is the most ancient town on the Crimean peninsula. This was the civilization, about which is now trying to hush up. Few people are interested by the history of the medieval Crimea. This history belongs us – the Crimean Tatars, therefore, I wish that the memory of the prominent people made our history is living forever”, - Mr. İ. İlâs noted.
The Alemtab manager does not plan to rest on his laurels: he wants to immortalize the memory of such Great sultans as Muhammed Özbek Khan and Baybars.
Note: Hacı I Giray Melek, Melek Khaji Girai (Crimean Tatar: I Hacı Geray, ۱خاجى كراى‎; Melek Hacı Geray, ملک خاجى كراى‎) (died 1466) was the founder and the first ruler of the Crimean Khanate. He is sometimes referred to as Hacı Devlet Giray or Devlet Hacı Giray. He is said to have been an 11th generation descendant of Ong Khan the Kerait whose descendants intermarried with the Genghisids.
He ascended the throne after a long struggle against the khans of the Golden Horde for the independence of the Crimean Khanate in which he was supported by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. While some sources state he came to power as early as 1428 or 1434, the first coins of Haci Giray are not earlier than 1441.
Hacı I Giray founded the Giray Dynasty of the Crimean Khans, and introduced the new state symbol: "taraq tamğa" or "the trident of Girays", which is a derivation from the scales insignia of Golden Horde. He established his residence in Salaçıq village (the vicinities of modern Bakhchisaray near the Çufut Qale fortress). A contemporary European source, The Chronicle of Dlugosz, described him as a person of outstanding personal values and a perfect governor.
According to some historians in 1456 he was deposed for a short period by the revolt of his own son Hayder, but was restored that the same year.
Hacı I Giray is buried in the Durbe in Salaçıq in Bakhchisaray.
Hacı I was extremely popular with the Crimean people, so they give him a nickname Angel (Crimean Tatar: Melek).