(QHA) -

A monument to Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt will be unveiled in Crimea, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Yalta conference, which was attended by the head of the anti-Hitler coalition countries.

The ten-ton statue, a work of Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, will be installed in front of the Livadia Palace that hosted the Yalta conference, the second wartime meeting of the Big Three, on February 4-11, 1945.

Opanasyuk said the huge statue will be Tsereteli's gift to the palace where the three leaders met to discuss Europe's post-war future. "We just have to bring the sculpture and install it," she said.

Opanasyuk said it was the same monument that had been proposed for the 60th anniversary of the Yalta conference marked in 2005. However, the statue was not installed following protests by a number of Crimea's political parties and Crimean Tatar population, who opposed to any monument commemorating Stalin.

In 2005, Crimean Tatars, whose ancestors were deported by Soviet dictator Stalin in horrific conditions in 1944, said they would not tolerate the statue of Stalin on their land.