AQYAR/SEVASTOPOL (QHA) - Sevastopol Military Tattoo International Festival of Military Orchestras that is a single in Ukraine and the largest one in the Black Sea region was conducted in Aqyar.
This festival is held for four years consecutively and gathers the best military musicians from the whole world.
Record number of orchestras participated this year: 10 of 6 countries – Germany, Greece, Turkey, France, Russia and Ukraine.
The ceremonial parade of the military orchestras passed along the central streets of Aqyar: from the Nakhimov’s Square to the Ushakov’s Square. City dwellers and guests saw the 4th Orchestra of the Air Force of Germany, Orchestra of the Air Force of Greece, Military orchestra of the South Military Command of Russia, orchestra of the 810th independent marine brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, 34th orchestra of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, Military Orchestra of the Centre of Music Art of the Navy of Ukraine, orchestra of the 36th independent brigade of coastal defence of the Navy of Ukraine, Military Historical orchestra Mehter of Turkey and Orchestra of Army from Lyons City, France.
Leader of the War and Peace military orchestras’ festival Roman Markholia called the festival as “love expression to the history of city, people living here, their culture”.