AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation is dissatisfied by the draft design of a monument of victims of the Deportation.
Thus, the Chief of the Majlis Office Zahir Smedlâ told to the QHA that this design reflects attitude of the authorities towards the Crimean Tatars.
“It is obvious just the essence of attitude to both a monument and the Crimean Tatars… It is evident an attempt to install a monument and to arrange mass festivities and entertainments there. There will be refuse bins, benches; I see how people will have a rest there: tourists will lie and glug the vodka. After that, they will do the deed”, - Mr. Smedlâ stated.
To his opinion, this design is “potboiler”. He considers this design of a monument was made cold-heartedly. “It is not possible to see the whole horror of this Deportation, to be filled with sympathy for this people. A monument does not give rise such feelings. Therefore, it is called as “potboiler”, - Mr. Smedlâ said.
“The author of this design made other scandalous monument in Kerch (sculptor Stepan Feodoridi – ed.). He has problems with proportions and many other things. I would not like to say about “professional” qualities”, - the Chief of the Majlis Office concluded.
It would be recalled that the monument for the Heroes of the Eltigen’s landing of Stepan Feodoridi in Kerch/Keriç provoked many negative expressions. In particular, people call this monument as “Goblins”.