Lviv (QHA) - In the end of this year, the city of Lviv for the fourth time will host Festival of Crimean Tatar culture. Famous Crimean Tatar musicians Enver Izmaylov and Elvira Sarihalil will perform there. Festival organizer Alim Aliyev said this to QHA agency. “Our festival is constantly changing its format. This year we have invited Izmaylov and Sarihalil as they are known and loved in Lviv”, said Aliyev. Looking back at the first festival of the Crimean Tatar culture in Lviv, Alim Aliyev noted that back then 25 Crimean Tatar singers, historians, culture studies specialists, dancers and even cooks arrived to Lviv from Crimea. The festival received great interest from the public and media, thus it was decided to hold it the following year as well. Now, it became a good tradition and will be held for the fourth time. “This festival is my hobby. While I live in Lviv, my mission is to promote the Crimean Tatar culture”, said Aliyev. He also added that before Lviv had no idea about Crimean Tatar culture. “They thought that Crimean Tatars and Tatars are of the same nationality. Our festival showed the opposite. After previous festivals we received a great number of thank you letters and requests to continue holding such festivals,” added the organizer. This year’s festival will feature Crimean Tatar jazz, played by famous Crimean Tatar musician Enver Izmaylov.