SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The Crimean Tatar Art Museum opened an exhibition called “Source of inspiration”. Its centerpieces became Crimean Tatar jewelry, antique dishes, embroidery, weaving and national musical instruments of late XIX-early XX centuries. According to Museum’s deputy director for scientific work Nuriye Gemedji, “the presented exhibits were born in Crimea, have traveled to places of deportation of Crimean Tatar people, miraculously survived and returned home”. Also, the exhibition displays reproductions of a German artists and ethnographer of the XIX century August Wilhelm Kiesewetter. The originals of his works are kept in the Museum of European Culture in Berlin. “Unique artworks of Wilhelm Kiesewetter were given to our museum by Goethe Institute in 2005. His works are of interest not only to scientists, historians and ethnographers but to the ordinary viewer as well. The works portray with a photographic accuracy mode of life, traditions and culture of Crimean Tatars at that period. This exhibition is a big event in the cultural life of Crimean Tatars,”- noted Gemedji. The exhibition is also complemented by unique photographs and documents of a People’s Artist of Crimean ASSR Khairi Emir-Zade, which were transferred to the museum by journalist Timur Dagdji. According to organizers, the presented works are the invaluable source for studying history and traditional culture of Crimean Tatars.