September 12, 2015. The 22nd Book Publishers Forum has been launched in Lviv at this weekend. As usually, the forum has attracted a plenty of people representing cultural diversity.

This year, among the variety of events the Festival of Lviv residents and internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as a podium discussion ‘Displaced Persons and Local Community: from Stereotypes to Mutual Understanding’ is to be held within the framework of Festival on September 13, 2015.

The participants are going to discuss the following issues: ‘Where do the myths come from and how to shatter them?’, ‘How to develop a dialogue between displaced persons and locals?’, ‘Can the displaced persons be the agents of positive changes in society?”

It is expected that the speakers jointly with invited representatives of government, NGOs and business, as well as intellectuals, artists and journalist will try to find answers to these and other questions. Alim Aliyev, the co-founder of ‘Krym SOS’ Public Initiative and Crimean Tatar cultural center ‘Crimean House in Lviv’, is supposed to be the moderator of this discussion.

The main speakers of the discussion will be Myroslav Marynovych, a dissident and Pro-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU); Sevgil Musayeva, chief editor of Ukrainska Pravda online media; Iryna Magdysh, head of Office for Culture of Lviv City Council; Oksana Mikheyeva, Doctor in Historical Studies and head of the Department of Sociology at the UCU, a displaced person from Donetsk city; Oksana Daschakivska, head of West-Ukrainian regional office of International Renaissance Foundation.

Theatre goers will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique musical and visual performance with songs and melodies based on Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folk tunes. Les Kurbas Theatre is expected to be decorated and transformed into the Khan's Palace.

Report by Igor Galuschak