After the premiere at the 66th Berlinale, film screening of “Crimean Stories” saga by young Crimean Tatar director Nariman Aliyev will be held in Kyiv.

"Crimean Stories" combine three story reels "Back to the Dawn» (Tan Atqanda Qaytmaq, 2013), “Love You” (Seni Sevem, 2014) and "Without You" (Sensiz, 2015). The short films were made in the homeland of the director, with involvement of his relatives and close friends, Crimean Tatars, as actors.

All plots develop on the peninsula and describe the life of Crimean Tatars. "Without You" short film has been shot in the occupied Crimea and will be presented to Ukrainian audience for the first time.

The world premiere of the films took place at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in February, where it was presented within the «Generation 14+» competition program and received long applause.

The film screening will be held with the support of “Crimea SOS” public organization and "Initiative for the Future" Ukrainian Charitable Foundation of Igor Yankovsky.

Photo: Internet