Koktebel (QHA) -

International festival of street theaters has started in Koktebel. The event is organized by the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea, Koktebel village council and “Crimean resort and travel agency”. 

“The idea to hold the festival in Koktebel didn’t come by chance. Koktebel is the capital of art in Crimea and the street art fits in here perfectly”, said Resorts and Tourism Minister Alexander Lyiv during a press conference.

The festival with the interesting name- Mu FST inKoktebel will last three days and will be a platform for exchanging knowledge and skills between adult and children’s theater groups from different countries. This year the event is attended by 12 groups from Ukraine, Russia and Estonia.

“We have tried to have full presentation of the street theater genre. This year we will have several fire groups, stilt walkers and the art-market with musicians”, tells head of the festival’s organization committee Anna Tsepa.

The festival started with a procession of all theater groups along the seafront of Koktebel. The procession attracted a great number of spectators.

Together with the Minister Lyiv the groups conducted a symbolic opening of two architectural structures symbolizing the art of theater – the theater folding screen and the stool for citing poems. Minister Lyiv climbed the stool and cited his favorite poem by Esenin “The hooligan”. Now the stool can be used for anyone willing to read poetry and enjoy the waterfront.

The folding screen and the stool are made from metal by famous Simferopol blacksmith Dmitry Levin.

The first day of the festival ended with a grand concert.