Khersones in Crimea has officially become a UNESCO World Heritage site. On Friday, September 20, official certificate was presented, reports TSN news. The ancient town, located hereabouts Sevastopol, was given the status of World Heritage Site on June 23 2013 during the 37th session of UNESCO committee in Cambodia, reports UNIAN. Crimean experts and EU projects “Research for Popularization of the Crimean Cultural Heritage” and “Crimean Tourism Diversification and Support Project” has conducted much work for Khersones to become one of more than 1000 objects of world heritage. “The fact that Khersones is now in the World Heritage list means not only that it will be on the world map of cultural heritage and tourism. It is also a key factor for improving the overall approach to the management of cultural heritage in Ukraine, and Crimea in particular”, said José Roman Leon Lora, head of the section for Economic Cooperation, Regional and Social Development of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. According to him, the monument will now require relevant management, which is the task of central and regional authorities in Ukraine. Mr. Leon Lora emphasized that transparency and accountability in management of the monument need to be provided.