Kezlev’s tekiye under threat of destruction
The tekiye of dervishes (monastery of dervishes – ed.), a single national Islamic monument of architecture of the XV-XVI centuries in Kezlev is under threat of destruction. QHA is informed about this by the art historian and public figure Dr. Alife Yaşlavsky.
“There was never the restoration. There was never serious repair. I created a commission with participation of the committee on cultural heritage, ministry of construction and architecture, local administration as well as builders every year. Commission established an angle of this minaret’s inclination: it was 3 degrees in the first year, that the last inspection showed 7 degrees”, - Dr. A. Yaşlavsky told.
According to the art historian, the restoration project is ready. The restoration works require 9 mln hryvnias.
Manager of the municipal institution “Tekiye of Dervishes” Mr. Eldar Veli stressed the government only promises to allocate funds for the restoration. “The project is ready since 2008. We have to recount an estimate of the restoration works because prices are changed all the time. But there are no funds. The city budget does not have funds for this”, - he said.
According to the manager, the urban commission noted necessity to restore and recommended to restrict any access to the minaret after their examination.